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 It is a curious balloon with adventure love. Always fluffy & flickering I am flying in the sky. The special skill is that the body changes to rainbow color. I can transform freely to match the scenery and color such as the chameleon. These are my friends in who everything are flying the sky.


My dream is to see various nations around Japan, and I'd like to go on an adventure abroad someday!! Guide to this website.

Foreign Exchange



Formally it is called "foreign exchange margin trading". It is also referred to as "Foreign exchange (fortune)". Exchange and trading foreign currency (currency) such as dollar and euro, it is a financial product aimed at the difference.


Trading the currency between two countries, the difference in exchange rate leads to profit.

Virtual currency



Currency that can be used for certain services such as online games and communities. You can obtain it by exchanging cash or points you earn, purchase goods and services, or exchange items with items used in the game. Those that use advanced cryptographic techniques to prevent fraud are also called cryptographic currencies.

Public gambling

Redemption ratio


Pachinko / Pachislot 80% to 90%

Boat racing 75%

Horse racing (JRA) 74.8%

Bicycle race 74.8%

Auto race 70%

Lottery 47%

Lot 6 43% or less

toto 50%


Pachinko> Public gambling> Lottery


Current rate

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Economic indicator calendar


Virtual currency Rate

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